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Brand New Christmas Teaching Resources from Squidge

Thursday 9th December 2010

Proving House is a relatively new publishing company and is in theprocess of developing a new area of business, their educational andchildren’s resource series. The first of which is based around the veryfirst children’s e-book produced by Proving House Press called Squidge:Little Elf, Big Trouble.

Project Squidge is about creating themedreading ’events’, delivered to schools electronically and free ofcharge. The aim of the packs is to encourage reading through funny andengaging stories and to promote broader literacy using related exercisesand games. Proving House also provide free themed activities for kidsand parents at home, to accompany the Squidge e-books. Proving Housesell Squidge e-books and offer the supporting materials to teachers andparents for free.

Proving House collaborated with author AndrewThomas, who is a working teacher, as well as professional editors andillustrators, to produce the Squidge stories and packs. The Squidgebooks and packs are intended for children at Key Stage 2, and theSquidge series will be expanded to include further stories and packs togo beyond the festive season (an elf is not just for Christmas!). Othermaterial for children at other stages will follow soon.

Visit the Squidge Elf website now!


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