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A British Teacher Working Abroad in Japan is Safe

Monday 14th March 2011

Several daily newspapers are today reporting that a British teacher who work just miles from the epicentre of the Japanese earthquake has been found safe and well. Hannah Craggs, 27, finally managed to communicate with her parents after 30 hours of silence after the devastating Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Hannah lived just a few miles away from Sendai when the earthquake and tsunami struck. It wasn’t until Friday night that she was able to get in contact with her parents to let them know she was safe and well.

Her parent said that they’d had a call from the embassy to tell them that they had received an email from Hannah saying she was safe,  and then later that night she logged on to her Facebook account and could finally talk to her parents direct. Ms Craggs had been teaching English in Japanese schools for the past year and had recently posted a message on her travel blog that she had survived her first earthquake, just a few days earlier. She travelled to Japan four years ago to teach English in Japanese schools and decided to stay. She is now due to fly home to Wolverhampton in two weeks time if her flight is unaffected.

The Foreign Office is receiving thousands of calls from UK families worried about friends and relations caught up in the disaster in Japan. The BBC reports that the scale of the devastation meant that UK nationals will almost certainly be caught up in it.


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